The trend towards increased payment transaction automation, the advance of touch screen technology, the demand for secure and unattended print functionality and the continued need to restrict or charge for access has ensured that Eurocoin products are in regular demand from the Transportation and Parking sectors.

The secure validation of coins, tokens, bank notes and credit cards remains at the heart of many solutions in the Transportation sector.

There is an increasing need to automate the change-giving function and clients are, in increasing numbers, selecting Eurocoin solutions that offer bank note recycling or pay out.

Invariably, each activity requires a secure ticket or receipt to be printed, and our range of industrial printers are field-proven in this sector.

Larger TFT displays with vandal-proof touch screens are increasingly being selected as the primary client interface for transport and parking kiosks, and here Eurocoin's experience and know-how is proving invaluable to product developers and operators alike. 

No matter what the task, contact Eurocoin to discuss your product and service requirements in this importamt area.

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