Be Polymer Ready! New UK Banknote Release Update

Be Polymer Ready! New UK Banknote Release Update

18 Sep 2015

The Clydesdale Bank in Scotland became the first UK bank to issue the new generation of polymer material banknotes on 23rd March 2015​. Featuring some wonderful traditional images of Scotland, the notes have quickly entered circulation to widespread approval.

Stronger, more durable and counterfeit-resistant, polymer notes are set to replace all £5, £10 and £20 UK notes over the coming years, starting in the Autum of 2016.

Polymer is a flexible, thin film, rather than the type of cotton paper that is currently used for banknote production. To assist businesses to prepare for the arrival of the new notes, the Bank of England has released a series of guidelines and fact sheets, which can be downloaded from the Eurocoin website HERE

Eurocoin is hugely experienced in helping clients prepare for and manage currrency upgrades and transitions like this, having been founded during the UK Decimilisation period in the 1970s, plus assisted hundreds of clients during the launch of the Euro three decades later. Even now, our European offices are offering service, support and good advice to our customers preparing for the launch of the new €20 note in November 2015.

To find out how we can help your business prepare your note counting and validation equipment for the new UK polymer £5 and £10 notes in 2016, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01707-280028 or email