At-Machine Phone Chargers for Your Players!

At-Machine Phone Chargers for Your Players!

24 May 2016

Eurocoin have launched a range of USB accessories that allow players to conveniently charge their mobile phones & tablets while remaining at the machine or live games table. This proven range of products has already been successfully installed in hundreds of major casinos, games rooms, bars and lounges.

The Eurocoin Sit N Charge products feature safe, low voltage USB charging for Android and Apple phones and tablets. They are easily integrated within any gaming environment and keep your players happily at their machine or table in close proximity to their device. 

The Phone Charger range is supplied & supported from all Eurocoin’s European offices and available in a wide range of configurations, designed to suit all typical gaming floor configurations. Choose between the LED illuminated ‘lock barrel’ charger, which fits easily into the machine cabinet or slot base, or a variety of under-table or machine bank housings, in order to achieve complete player satisfaction.

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