The Eurocoin Components brand, philosophy and know-how has been extensively rolled out across Europe. Our Group Headquarters are in Haar, Germany. However, If your business would like to make use of the Eurocoin network of subsidiary companies – all offering similar levels of service, support and reliability in their region – contact us directly at HQ, or any of the following offices:

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E-service & components srl was founded in 2009 as the first independent supplier of service, support and spare parts for the gaming, vending, amusement, and parking industries. Our primary focus has always been on growing our professional service business to meet the needs of the operator, and this has been made possible by the excellent commercial relationships that we proudly enjoy with component manufacturers worldwide. As new products are developed, we aim to include and support them – investing in training, spares, and service units as necessary, to meet the challenge. 

Eurocoin (Spain)

Back in 2011, Fernando Dumont had the chance to meet Eurocoin with some commercial relationships for products distributed by Eurocoin in Spain. However, and bearing in mind that both parties were very satisfied once those transactions took place, they began to see each other not only as supplier and client, but potential partners as they were sharing a common vision towards Spanish market, trusted and reliable products with local and close service to their clients. Less than a year later both parties team up to offer world class components and a great technical service in Spain, putting together more than 20 years of Fernando´s knowledge and experience within Spanish market, as well as trusted services and reliable products delivered by a very well-known brand, Eurocoin. 

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Initially, this adventure was shaped up creating an office of E-service in La Coruña ( Spain ), a Eurocoin company specialized on repairs and technical service, but taking in consideration its rapid growth within this market due to the high quality of the services provided and their competitiveness in price and time, both parties agreed to move this relationship forward establishing a Eurocoin Components local office in Spain to offer the full product and services portfolio to their clients, bringing Eurocoin another step ahead and positioning themselves as one of the main sector references in Spain and Portugal. 

Years are passing and the position within the market continues to improve, being already more than 2,000 satisfied clients in Spain and Portugal, and supporting from 2017 south American countries also from La Coruña office. 

Novo Parts (Hungary)

Major business activities

  • Sales of technical components for different kind of Kiosks like monitors, Touch screen, bank note or coin acceptors , card or barcode readers or ID document’s readers
  • Ditributed most important brands are : Creator, ICT , Innnovative tech , Zebex readers, WH Münzprüfer , Custom Printers
  • Service of all technical components we sell during the waranty and after Sales period, we are working with 5 Technicians in our workshop . In case of demands we can provide the Field Service as well particulary for Car Wash and Kiosk operators
  • Money Changer development and production – Smart Change Seria -
  • Distribution of Amusement games like Darts , Billiard , Soccer Tables and Poker accessories , Online WEB Shop and retail Shop
  • Billiard Table’s production – Annually 70-80 Tables produtcion managed by our Factory near to Budapest .. Hard wood and playwood tables and CoinUp tables as well..
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The company is dealing with Kiosk component’s Sales for mainly Factories or Operators in order to support their technical demands included the after sales Service support during the warranty period as well.. We developed the smart Change Seria of Money Changer machines and we try to update the technology and features continuously.  

The Amusement profile ( Darts, Billiard, Soccer tables) within the Eastern EU are focused on Hungary, Slovakia and Czeh Republic we operate WEB Shops and Sales by our dual language speaker team.  

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E-service is widely respected as a distribution company, a service business and a machine operations specialist across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 
The E-service Senior Management Team boast more than 200 years of collective experience in the European & African distribution and service sectors. 
Our Customer Services and Technical Support teams, equally, have an enviable amount of product and market knowledge that is available to our customers, helping them save time and money in their search for information and assistance. Our new TechBlog and KnowledgeBase sections on this website provide excellent back up for our wide range of products and applications. 


Founded in London in 1973, Eurocoin is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of products and services to the commercial kiosk, amusement and gaming industries, with Group sales exceeding €32 million per annum. In 2020, the company celebrated its 47th Anniversary – a major landmark! 

We employ team members in our offices across Europe, all of whom are highly experienced with our core products and processes, and work closely with our customers and world-class suppliers. 

We are a proven, modern and professional sales channel for leading international hardware brands across EMEA, and work in close partnership with customers to supply the immediate needs of our clients, as well as to identify and source emerging technologies and requirements. 

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