Creator CRT-288-K001 Card Reader

Creator CRT-288-K001 Card Reader
The CRT-288-K001 has been developed for Manufacturers looking for a single solution that can handle all industry-standard Card types. Equipped to read Magnetic Stripe (read on insert or withdraw), RFID and IC Cards of industry-standard size 85.5mm x 54mm. The two bezel options – Plastic Internal and Metal External – both feature RED / BLUE LED feedback for customers, indicating correct card insertion.
The CRT-288-K001 features a Card Latch and Release system to prevent card removal before write cycle completion. CRT-288-K001 is equipped with dedicated USB / RS232 / Power inputs and ships with 1.5meter standard loom sets. Tested to over 500,000 card insertion cycles, the CR-288-K001 provides truly reliable performance in highly demanding environments.
The CRT-288-K001 forms part of the Creator Card reader product line from Eurocoin, selected for its superior feature set and reliability.
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