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BrandModel No.Currency Handling
JCM Global 47200334102989 JCM UBA motor spacer
JCM Global 47200283500 Capacity JCM UBA Cashbox
JCM Global47200324900 Capacity JCM UBA Cashbox
Ardac TARQ811 Ardac Elite Bill Acceptor
JCM Global 47200202 Back Cover For JCM UBA10 (4033RE0112A)
JCM Global 47200320 Black bezel (85MM) for JCM UBA with a green led (113945)
Blue Wave47201411 Blue Wave Deluxe Programming Device
Blue Wave 47200675 Blue Wave Programming Device
Blue Wave 47201174Blue Wave Programming Device
JCM Global 47200196Centering motor assy for JCM UBA10 (103923)
JCM Global 47200321 Clear blue bezel (85MM) with 5 leds for JCM UBA (113944)
X 320XXXXX Coin Operated Timers
X32010810Coin-operated Timer 2000R Full UK Coinset
Combo303065XX Combo T Hopper
X25002034CPI PPM Advance
EBA47201515 EBA 40 Note Acceptor
JCM Global 47200173Front cover for JCM UBA-10 (102767)
JCM Global 47200182Gear ST motor for JCM UBA-10 (102791)
JCM Global 47200181Gear TR motor for JCM UBA-10 (102786)
Hopper 3031HOPUGear TR motor for JCM UBA-10 (102786)
Hopper303115XXHopper U II
Hopper303015YXHopper U II Plus
Hopper303HOPUPHopper U Plus
JCM Global47200322JCM Black Bezel with Blue LED
JCM Global47200320 JCM Black Bezel with Green LED
JCM Global47200675 JCM BlueWave 2.0
JCM Global47200321 JCM Clear Blue Bezel
JCM Global47200DBV JCM DBV 30X Series
JCM Global47200950 JCM DT300 Bluewave Deluxe
JCM Global47200ICB JCM ICB Intelligent Cashbox
JCM Global472006IV JCM iVIZION
JCM Global 47200SEN JCM Sentry 2.0 Bezel
JCM Global 47200TBV JCM TBV Transactional Bill Validator
JCM Global 47200202 JCM UBA Back Cover
JCM Global 47200335JCM UBA Belt
JCM Global47200207JCM UBA Calibration Kit
JCM Global47200196JCM UBA Centering Motor
JCM Global47200171JCM UBA CPU Board
JCM Global47200173 JCM UBA Front Cover
JCM Global47200182 JCM UBA Gear
JCM Global47200143JCM UBA Lever
JCM Global47200324Plastic Cashbox for JCM UBA
JCM Global47200VRC JCM Vega + Vega-RC Recycler
47201044 VEGA with a horizontal stacker CC Talk/Euro noteset
47201046 VEGA with a horizontal stacker CC Talk/GBP noteset
25340250Paylink I/O Solution
ZZapZZap CC10 Coin CounterZZap CC10 Coin Counter
ZZap45660514 ZZap CS40 Coin Counter & Sorter
ZZap45660501 ZZap NC20i Banknote Counter
ZZap45660502 ZZap NC30 Note Counter
ZZap45660505 ZZap NC50 Note Counter
UBA47200192 UBA 10 SS Head – ID003/Euro noteset
UBA47200951 UBA Bezel – Clear blue with LED
30302100 T3 Hopper
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