Eurocoin provide a variety of high-speed currency & token counting products, suitable for a wide range of industry sectors.

Eurocoin’s specialist subsidiary, Thomas Automatics, provides modern change machines and kiosks accepting coins, tokens, contactless & card payments.

To create a custom-designed token for your operation, please contact our expert international Customer Service team.

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Product Table

Model No.Size TypeDescription
390123G7Plastic“1” Yellow plastic token
8022500222.0mm/2.5mmMetal Brass token
80223002 22.0mm/2,3Metal Brass Starburst token
8022300522.3mm/2,3Metal Eurocoin London Token
80317007 23mm/1,7Metal Britannia Starbust Token
2131060025mm/2mmMetal Brass security token
21310200 25mm/2mmMetal Double groove security token
2131190025mm/2mmMetal Double sided security token
21311000 25mm/2mmMetal Double slotted Eurocoin token
2142100026.8mm/2mmMetal Slotted security token – silver
2141080026.8mm/2mmMetal Double slotted token
21510200 27.8mm/2mmMetal Slotted security token
21510600 27.8mm/2mmMetal Brass Token Double Groove
8082300328.5mm/2,3Metal Brass Eagle token
3902050038mm/2,5PlasticToken Green
3902160038mm/2,5PlasticToken Orange
39021300 38mm/2,5PlasticToken Blue
39020300 38mm/2,5PlasticToken Yellow
39021000 38mm/2,5PlasticToken Red
80918004Metal Brass Token – Eagle/No Cash Value

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