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Product Table

Model No.Size Description
22010531 22mm FLATKEY K/A
2201060427mmFLATKEY K/A
2201060727mm FLATKEY K/A
2201050727mmFLATKEY K/A
22010104 16mmFlat key lock keyed
2212010016mmRPT lock
22120600 16mmRPT lock
22240103 17mmVenus high security lock
2224010017mmVenus high security locks
2201050022mm Flatkey lock
2212020022mmRadial Lock 
221202XX 22mmRadial pin lock
22120200 22mmRadial pin tumbler Keyed to Differ
22020200 22mmKey to Differ lock
220212BC 22mm RPT key to differ lock
22240200 23mm Venus high security lock Keyed to differ
22010600 27mm Flatkey lock with 2 keys
22240307 28mm Venus security lock
220203PX 30mmVenus security lock
220601XX 8 Way Codematic Locks
22050AAA Six Set Radial Lock System
222609AA Medeco Duracam System
222612YYMedeco vertical keyway camlock series
22210101Flat key keyed
222ABCDERadial Key Pushlock
222619XX Medeco Switchlocks
22360001 Protective Collar – For RPT Locks
2240AAAA Straight Cams – For RPT Locks

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