TFT LCD Displays

All Eurocoin TFT LCD displays come with a full 12 month warranty.

Eurocoin TFTs are available with SCT and PCAP touchscreens.

Eurocoin TFTs are supplied in all the major sizes used by the Gaming & Leisure Sector

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Used in a wide range of applications…

Product Table

SizeCabinet Model Model No.Description
15″ IGT31109604 Bar Top
17″Atronic31109619 Cashline Upright
17″Atronic31109608 Emotion Touch Monitor
17″ IGT 31109607Emotion with Glass (Top Monitor)
17″IGT 31109611Slant top TFT kit
17"LCD3110945519 Pin Upright
17″IGT31109611 Slant Top Slide In 19 PIN
17″ LCD31109610 Slide In 19 Pin
17″IGT AVP31109609TFT upgrade kit with 3M touch and bezel
17″ Serial touch31109617TFT upgrade kit for WMS 550 upright cabinet
17″WMS31109450 550 Upright Door Mount
17″WMS31109617 550 Upright Slide In
19″ Aristocrat 31109622Kit for MK5 MVP Upright no touch
19″ Atronic Harmony31109734Upright LCD Replacement
19″ IGT 31109624Game King with a slimline TFT kit with 3M touch and controller
19″IGT31109620Upright cabinet TFT kit
19″LCD3110963319 Pin
19″LCD 3110945919 Pin Upright
19″LCD3110963225 Pin (AVP)
19″LCD311094565 Pin Slimline Cabinet
19″LCD 31109630Replacement for Williams BlueBird 1
19″LCD31109452Slide In 19 Pin
19″LCD31109624Slide In 25 Pin
19″IGT 31109633 Upgrade kit with 3M touch for IGT slant top
19″IGT 31109632 Upgrade kit with bezel, 3M touch and controller
19″WMS31109458 550 Slant Top Door Mount
19″Konami19 Touch Slant
19″Harmony Slant 31109738 LCD Replacement
20″Aristocrat31109627 TFT kit for upright cabinet
20.1″IGT31109686 G20 Widescreen Glass Top Monitor
20.1″IGT31109685 G20 Widescreen USB Touch Monitor
22″ IGT31161732 16:10 TN upgrade kit with protective glass
22″ IGT31161733 6:10 upgrade kit with USB touch
22″IGT31109683 G22 Widescreen Monitor with Glass
22″IGT31109682 G22 Widescreen USB Touch Monitor
22″WMS31109678 Serial Touch BlueBird 2
26″ Bally 31109664 Bally Cinevision
32″Bally31109684 LCD for Alpha Elite
1.8m31123920 DVI Cable 1.8m
1.8m 31123929 VGA Cable 1.8m
31123922 DVI Cable 3m
3m31123916 VGA Cable 3m
1.5m31130143 USB Cable A to B

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