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BrandModel No.TouchscreensSizeTouch points Thickness Interface
3M 3113174917.54″ 3M Touch Screen with CLRTK2 Serial Controller 17-8421-227 (RoHs)17.54″13.18mmSerial
3M3113320917.54″ 3M Touch with USB controller 17-8421-22617.54″ 13.18mmUSB
3M311317043M 17.54″ Tough Touch Serial Sensor17.54″ 13.18mmSerial
3M3113180518.86″ 3M Touch screen with serial controller 17-8351-223 (RoHs)18.86″13.18mmSerial
3M3113220222.37″ 3M Touch screen with USB controller 17-9311-22622.37″13.18mmUSB
3M31132403 24.62″ 3M Touch screen with CLRTK2 USB Controller 17-9291-226 (RoHs)24.62″ 13.18mmUSB
3M31130052Nitto 500/500A Touch Screen Integration Tape25mmX0.17mmX
3M31130036VHB 24736 Touch Screen Integration Tape9.5mmX1.6mmX
3M31130038VHB 4950F Touch Screen Integration Tape8mmX1.1mmX
3M31130037VHB 4950F Touch Screen Integration Tape6mmX1.55mmX
3M31130053VHB 4991 Touch Screen Integration Tape6mmX2.3mmX

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