Bill Acceptors

Bill Acceptors

Eurocoin has been at the forefront of secure currency validation since the company was founded in 1973.

Our world-class range of bill acceptors offers your business the perfect solution, whether your application is industrial, retail, gaming, amusement, leisure, kiosk, transit or vending.

Choose a bill acceptor now that meets your exact requirements - take a head-only bill validator solution if you are trying to keep hardware costs down, and banknote security inside the machine is not considered a major problem?

Alternatively, select one of our full-system bill acceptors, complete with lockable bank note stacker and the very latest anti-fraud software for more sensitive locations.

Click Here for the Bill accaeptors section of the Eurocoin Catalogue.

Need to pay out a banknote to clients? No problem! Select your perfect device from our range of Banknote Recyclers.

Bill acceptor software is now available for most of the world's leading international currencies.

For advice and more information, please contact our knowledgeable sales and technical support teams at Eurocoin.