Thomas PayStation Kiosks

Thomas PayStation Kiosks

The Thomas PayStation range is our most advanced family of automated payment & ticket redemption transaction kiosks, designed to be completely customised to the individual demands of your specific business sector.

Each PayStation is built using ATM-grade components, with a modern touchscreen interface for all client interaction with the machine. 

Rugged, secure and reliable, each PayStation offers the very latest in payment methods for your customers, including credit card, chip & pin, mobile & Apple Pay plus, of course, bank notes and coins. Dedicated versions of PayStation will dispense bank notes, validate and accept TITO tickets, print bar-coded receipts and convert bulk coins into notes - saving your operations team both time & money.

PayStation allows clients to pre-pay for your entire range of goods and services, which you may list with images and prices on-screen. This allows you to centralise all cash payments in the PayStation kiosk, leaving your staff to focus on other aspects of customer service, rather then handling cash payments and change-giving.

We have a PayStation kiosk that is ideal for your business - please take the time to review some of the models listed here, and call our Customer Service team to discuss your key requirements on 01707-280028

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