10 Reasons for Fitting Hopper Scales

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Eurocoin has just launched the new Azkoyen Electronic Hopper Scale. Why might your machine operation benefit from designing in hopper scales? Garry Holland, our European Technical Sales Manager picks 10 great reasons to add this new technology to your machine or kiosk:

1. They eliminate the need to audit the hoppers: The theoretical value of the counters of the machine will always match the actual value of the content in the hoppers so you will no longer need to empty the hoppers to verify the content. A simple cross check of the counters / scales count on the machine will be sufficient. There will be a significant reduction of audit time = cost savings.

2. Detection of the real quantity of coins in hoppers at all times enables the machine to have better control of the takings. Accounting data and statistics of the machine will be real and confirmed. 3. They detect manual refills providing the operator and the machine information on the tasks associated with refills:
a. They can register the data of the refill, amount, date, time, etc…
b. There will be a reduction in refill time = cost savings.

4. Antitheft security: Hopper scales detect manual emptying, identifying the moment of the discharge. You will be able to register the data of each manual emptying of the hopper, amount, date, time, etc…The scales will inform on changes even with the machine switched off, since the machine will detect that the prior situation does not correspond at the moment of power up. This means that the days of ‘Insider Theft’ are over….

5. Extra security for the hoppers: Detection of payment errors is immediate – the machine will be able to identify if a hopper paid more or fewer coins that instructed, reporting this immediately.

6. Extra security for the coin sorter: Immediate detection of errors in the routing of coins: the machine knows at all times if coins have reached the correct payout hoppers. 7. Extra security for the coin validator: Anti-fishing protection is now effectively built-in. The machine is able to scan the coins that have been accepted but have not reached the hopper.

8. If the machine uses a billhopper, it will be a system that optimises the mix of coin and bank note payments back to clients.
The machine will known the real availability of notes and coins at all times, allowing it to make the best decisions in every moment. It will pay the prize or change due with coins or banknotes, adapting the mix of payment to the actual conditions of the machine.

9. Reduction of service calls and/or calculation of the ideal amount of coins in the hoppers: The machine may calculate the flow of coins at an interval of time (minimums and maximums), allowing for the adjustment of the loading of coins to the real circumstances it is experiencing on site. This will mean an intelligence-led reduction of service calls to ensure that the hopper is not left empty. Every machine, every location can have different limits. If you associate this with a paying out of notes, the machine will be able to define the ideal level based on the statistics of the previous days, weeks, etc… thus allowing the intelligent reduction of service calls. The maximum levels of coins are variable depending on what the machine will “learn” from data obtained from the scales. Using these levels, the machine will send coins to the cash box.

10. If you associate all the above advantages with a telemetry system allowing all the data to be sent to the central office, it will be possible to optimize overall management:

a. Detection of takings at a distance. The possibility of knowing the real situation of the machine at all times.

b. The detection of incidents at a distance. The machine is more intelligent because it can control more events, which allows it to detect incidents very fast and report them. Having more control may also reduce intervention times as you know what the incident is before doing a service call.

c. Incident prevention: You can set minimum coin levels in hoppers so the machine is able to report the need for action to ensure that they do not run out of coins. Only visit the machine when necessary.

Coin theft or innaccurate hopper levels


Introduce Electronic Hopper Scales to your machine or kiosk

Additional Info

Additional Information 

To find out more about the Hopper Scale product, please email sales@eurocoin.co.uk

Additional Information 

To find out more about the Hopper Scale product, please email sales@eurocoin.co.uk

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