CashIO Access & Operation by Employees (Logging In & Main Menu)

Article publish date: October 8, 2019 - Article ID: 29913

In order to work with the casino terminal CashIO, e.g. to carry out maintenance or administrative tasks, you first have to Log In.

Note: Before you begin, for the CashIO log in, you need your Access Card, as well as your personal password. If you have no card reader installed at the casino terminal, you only need your personal password.


IF you have the optional fingerprint sensor installed, it is also possible to log in by dragging your finger over the fingerprint sensor.
Insert your access card into the casino terminal CashIO (Front or Rear) to identify yourself. If you have no card reader and no fingerprint sensor installed at the casino terminal, open the top cover of the casino terminal and select your operator name from the list shown, then enter the password

CashIO Access Operation by Employees Logging In Main Menu

As soon as the CashIO terminal acknowledges you as an authorised operator, you will see the “Main Menu”, as shown in the illustration.

CashIO Access Operation by Employees Logging In Main Menu 2

In case this casino terminal is configured as a “Jackpot Terminal”, the Jackpot List is displayed after login. To display the Main Menu in that case, press MENU in the lower right corner
After you finish, for security reasons, always remember to log out and to remove your access card.


The CashIO’s Main Menu is your starting point for all tasks you have to carry out.
Money Service – All functions for CashIO refilling and emptying
Reports – Functionality for CashIO reports
Logs – Event-, Error- and Transaction Log Files
Administration – Functionality to create/change/delete System Messages and Operator Accounts
Maintenance – Maintenance and Diagnostic functions
Configuration – CashIO System Configuration
Jackpot – If available on the terminal: Jackpot List Selection and Jackpot Payout
If the CashIO was not able to totally dispense the last transaction, the Main Menu shows a CLEAR CREDIT after operator login. The operator is now able to clear the credit by pressing the CLEAR CREDIT button. This option prints a clear credit form and the customer could proceed to the cashier.

CashIO Access Operation by Employees Logging In Main Menu 3

NOTE: If the printer is not available the printer error is shown on the screen. The credit can not be cleared.

The operator can also decide not to clear the credit but to solve the problem which prevents CashIO from dispensing the last transaction. After solving the problem (eg. refilling money) the operator does not press CLEAR CREDIT button but sets the CashIO to online mode directly. The CashIO starts automatically to dispense the last transaction.

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