FutureLogic GEN2 Universal Error Codes

Article publish date: October 1, 2019 - Article ID: 29162


This Knowledgebase will outline the common errors experienced on the GEN2 U printer and how to solve them​


Paper out – Results when the printer does not detect paper present.
Head Up or Open – Results from raising the side release lever or opening the lid
Temperature – Results when the printer is operating outside of its allowable temperature range. If the printer is operating ​in an environment where the ambient temperature is roughly room temperature, this error would most likely be the result of a hardware problem
Voltage – Results if the printer detects a power supply voltage (+24VDC to +25VDC) outside range. This error could be the result of a poor cable connection.
Print Head – Results when the printer senses an internal error due to connectivity or interfacing problem with the thermal print head. This can be a result of a cable problem between the main controller board and the printer engine.
Missing Black Index Mark – Results if the paper type selected is indexed paper and while feeding paper or printing a black mark is not seen within approximately 10″ of the paper. This error alerts the user to the presence of the wrong type of paper in the printer or that the paper was inserted in the wrong direction (so black mark index is rotated 180 degrees).
Paper Jam – Results when the printer detects an error in the paper path for presenting the ticket to the customer.


​Load a new paper stack.
Lower the yellow lever on the side of the unit.
The printer will automatically resume operation after the detected head temperature falls within range.
The printer will automatically resume operation after the power supply is detected within range.
The printer will remain in this error state until the power is cycled or the unit is reset. If the problem persists, the printer will require service
Raise the Main Release Lever (Presumably to change the paper)
Open the printer head and inspect for a jammed ticket.


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