FutureLogic GEN2U Firmware

Article publish date: October 8, 2019 - Article ID: 29819

Printer Firmware depends on the model of printer, interface and in many cases the OEM and region (country) of use. The following is a guide to identifying the different types of firmware and which download tool to use.

Firmware identification​
Printing a self-test ticket will show the printer firmware – load a ticket and power-up the printer while holding down the feed button until printing starts. The Firmware version and other setup parameters are printed. This method applies to all our printers.

The GEN2 and GEN2 Universal firmware is identified by a GR, GN or GU prefix:

GR GEN2 RS232 firmware
GN GEN2 Netplex firmware
GUR GEN2 Universal RS232 firmware
GUN GEN2 Universal USB firmware
GUHR GEN2 Universal HID0compliant device firmware

Download Tools
The integration Kit includes Download and test software for both GEN2 and GEN2 Universal printers. Firmware can be downloaded to the printer in two ways, either by RS232 communication or on our latest prioduct range over USB.
We recommend using the USB download method. If the printer has a USB port, it is enabled for USB firmware download.
Any firmware with a file extension of .DFU can be downloaded via USB.
You will need:

Firmware with .DFU extension
USB A-B cable
Driver file DFU.SYS
Future logic FL-DFU download tool
All original GEN2 printer firmware, as well as some newer versions, are downloaded via RS232. Any firmware with a file extension of .VFX can be downloaded over RS232
You will need:
Firmware with .VFX extension
RS232 download cable
PC or laptop with onboard COM PORT
FLI Downloader v.200020 tool​

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