How to Reset a Thomas Change machine

Article publish date: October 4, 2019 - Article ID: 29361


It is sometimes necessary to reset a Thomas Automatics Change Machine due to error states which stay in the memory and cause freezing or mis-functions. These sometimes result in ‘Empty’ messages, payout errors or just lack of functionality​


These error states are usually caused by the machine receiving signals that it does not understand. These may be because the machine wasn’t used the way it is intended, or some fault has occurred mid-way through its operation. (ie. If there is a power failure during a payout, then it may throw up an error message.​)


With errors like these, it will probably not be necessary to call out a Thomas engineer, nor send the machine or parts back for repair. It may be a case of just resetting the machine, which puts the machine back into the normal working mode.

If this is the case, then you need to reset the machine:

  1. ​Open the main door of the change machine and locate the reset switch.
  2. Wait for the Board number to appear in the display.
  3. Once you see the Board number, then release the reset button


Your machine should now take some time and then self-reset.​

Additional Information

​If this solution fails to solve the Error Code problem, please contact us directly for further help on 01707 280028 or via email at Eurocoin Support​




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