Improving Poor Acceptance on Taiko Bill Acceptor

Article publish date: October 1, 2019 - Article ID: 29146

Improving Poor Acceptance on Taiko Bill Acceptor


When your Taiko note acceptor is not accepting notes to a satisfactory standard, you can often improve the acceptance by re-calibrating the unit.


​Calibration is needed when you:

Reprogram your Taiko Validator
After a component has been disassembled/reassembled for repair
replace the CPU and/or Sensor Circuit Board

Equipment needed for calibration:

JCM Taiko Banknote Acceptor (PUB-7 or PUB-11)
JCM External Power Supply (EDP# 116125) or equivalent
KS-070 Reference Paper
KS-088 Reference Paper

Sometimes Calibration is needed when you clean the validator


​Make sure power is not supplied to the Taiko Unit intended for calibration, and remove it from its Bezel mounting

Bezel mounting

Connect an external Power Supply
Set Right side Panel DIP switches No 1,2 and 8 ON and apply Apply AC power to the external power supply unit

ON and apply Apply AC power

Confirm that the front Panel LED is flashing a white light.
Set DIP Switch No 1 to OFF and confirm that the Green front Panel LED is ON.
Insert the KS-070 Reference paper into the Taiko Unit (See figure below a). If Calibration of the Barcode Coupon Specification Unit is also required, insert the KS-088 Reference paper. When the Rollers begin to rotate, continue inserting the reference paper all the way into the unit (See figure below b)
When the Reference paper reaches the inner limit

When the Reference paper reaches the inner limit, the front panel LED will flash GREEN colour.
Turn DIP switch no 8 OFF to begin the Calibration Procedure.
Confirm that the Front Panel YELLOW LED is lit indicating a Sensor Adjustment is occurring.
When the Paper adjustment is complete, the Reference Paper will exit out of the Taiko Unit automatically
Reference Paper
Remove the KS-070 or KS-088 Reference Paper. The front Panel LED will Flash Green.
Turn DIP Switch no8 ON to begin the Non-Paper Calibration Procedure.
When the Non-Paper Adjustment and EEPROM data writing procedures are complete, confirm that the Front Panel

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