Ticket In – Ticket Out (TITO)

Article publish date: October 8, 2019 - Article ID: 29845

TITO, developed by IGT and CDS under the ‘EZ Pay’ banner is a system which prints out a barcoded ticket instead of paying out cash. The tickets may, in turn, be redeemed for cash in an automated Kiosk, which uses a barcode scanner to read the unique transaction barcode on the TITO ticket. In most circumstances, this barcode scanner is incorporated in the bill acceptor. These machines are then linked to a central server, where the TITO system software tracks the transactions and tickets.

Over the past 15 years, Eurocoin have supplied hardware and slot tickets to hundreds of clients & venues operating tens of thousands of machines. We are one of the most experienced and knowledgable suppliers in Europe for this specialist area.
In the gaming & leisure industry, there are a number of advantages in using TITO rather than cash transactions:
This system makes multi-denomination gaming easier

There is reduced cash handling making it more secure
Customers don’t need to wait for staff to pay out large amounts of cash
Emptying/refilling machines with coins or notes is not necessary anymore
The following article is from the Institute of Internal Auditors regarding TITO.
Eurocoin have adopted Futurelogic GEN2 Universal printers (GEN2 U) as their preferred printers for TITO systems. However, we also have 12+ years of extensive experience with the Epic 950 printer, and can offer this product, too, to clients seeking an alternate hardware solution

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